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To suggest a story, send us a query letter (3 or 4 paragraphs) with backup clips of your idea. Keep in mind that we receive numerous solicited and unsolicited manuscripts. Due to the large volume of unsolicited materials received by the editorial office, only queries of interest will be acknowledged. If you wish to verify receipt of your materials, we suggest scheduling them via certified mail or other traceable means. We schedule articles for our editorial calendar approximately a year and a half in advance of publication. (German Life assumes no responsibility for the return or condition of unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or art.)

Each issue of German Life is bound by our editorial calendar and seasonal events. The April/May issue deals with travel in Germany and other parts of German-speaking Europe. The June/July issue is primarily on German-American travel destinations.
Our August/September issue includes Oktoberfest and educational pieces. Given scheduling restraints, we prefer that you submit your work 6-12 months prior to the appropriate issue. Deadlines will be given when the article topic is accepted.

Your manuscript should not exceed 1,200 words. Longer pieces will be considered solely at the Editor’s discretion. Smaller pieces appropriate for a sidebar or one of the magazine’s departments should range between 300 and 800 words. Book reviews average 250 to 300 words.

Please ensure that we are the sole recipients of your manuscript. Also, please guarantee your work’s originality. Give proper credit for any other author’s ideas that you may use. If your article recounts only firsthand experiences, references are seldom necessary. In all other cases, cite the direct source on a separate sheet of paper, following The Chicago Manual of Style. Check the accuracy of your items carefully!

Please include: author’s name, mailing address, daytime telephone, fax number and e-mail address. Please submit manuscript both on CD and as hard copy or they can be e-mailed as a Word document attachment ( Photographs may be sent in digital form They must be scanned at 300 dpi and can be JPG or TIFF  files. Files may be sent on a CD or via digital transfer through email attachment (MS Word format). Be sure to convert all colors to CMYK. Please check first before e-mailing any graphics, especially large files (large files should be submitted using a “cloud” file transfer format such as Dropbox. Hard copies of text and image may be sent (along with a SASE) to Editor, German Life, 1068 National Highway LaVale, MD 21502.

Most manuscripts are published from nine months to two years after acceptance. Manuscripts requiring revision are either returned in original form or first edited and then sent to the author for approval.

Please be advised that all manuscripts at the acceptance stage, including solicited works, are considered on speculation. You will be duly alerted when your accepted manuscript/photo/ illustration has been scheduled into an upcoming issue. Payment is upon publication and ranges from $300 to $500 for feature articles, from $100 to $130 for reviews and short pieces, and up to $80 for fillers. In exchange for remuneration, German Life retains first English/German language serial rights.

All manuscripts are edited for style, consistency, and clarity. The final title of the published article, subheads, captions, photographs and illustrations, and other elements that attract attention to an article or contribute to the tone and appearance of the magazine are the Editor’s prerogative.

Photographs / Illustrations

With or without manuscript, feel free to submit photographs, transparencies, or illustrations that are in accordance with the magazine’s direction and style. We look for pictures that capture and/or detail the diversity of German or German-American life and culture, including images of everyday life, landscapes, people, architecture, art, festivals, and so on.

Photos should be black-and-white or color glossy prints, 4×6 or larger, with excellent focus, fine grain, and clear contrasts. Label the back of each photo with your name and caption information. Do not write directly on the back of photos, or ink stamp, or paper clip labels to them. Identify slides by writing your name, the location, and the subject on the margins.

For illustrations, any medium is acceptable but high-resolution (300 dpi at a final printed size of at least 8-1/2″ x 11″) digital images are preferred. With four-color art, please send 35 mm transparencies. Computer illustrators may submit four-color laser printouts of their work (e.g., maps, charts, and graphs) for consideration. In the case of black-and-white art, we prefer to first see photocopies. However, unless you are (have) a professional artist (available), submit only rough sketches for figures and diagrams. Type captions on a separate sheet of paper, along with any credit lines.

Please note that every photograph or illustration with an article must be credited. A release must be signed by the person or party responsible for object(s) not open to public photography such as special museum items. In addition, to avoid legal complications and embarrassing situations, please alert us to any purchase of your work by other publications.

Include with each submission all relevant contact information, such as the artist’s name, mailing address, daytime telephone, fax number, and e-mail address if available. For each photograph, include a description and photo credit on a label on the back of the photo. Please do not submit more than 20 glossies or transparencies at a time. On a separate sheet of paper, include a description and photo credit for each and key to the slides/transparencies. Place slides in individual plastic protectors and in a plastic slide sleeve fit for 20 slides. Send all submissions to Editor, German Life, 1068 National Highway, LaVale, MD 21502.

We rarely purchase photographic material without manuscripts. Please inquire before sending any original materials. CDs or photocopies should be sent if unsolicited. With your permission, we will keep visual materials of appropriate quality and interest for our files. Photographs, slides, illustrations, and sketches are returned only upon request. (Please include a SASE.) Publication of photographs/ illustrations depends on need and topic.

Effective August 28,2015. The Publisher reserves the right to change these policies at any time.