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The 1848ers’ Living Legacy Major Conference in Minnesota  and a Memorial in Berlin

| June 28, 2016 | 0 Comments


Seldom has the legacy of the Forty-Eighters been more newsworthy than it is today. Next year at this time, researchers, supporters, and friends of the fascinating story of German emigrants to the USA will meet in Northfield, Minnesota for an especially significant conference. Leading politicians in Berlin are considering an 1848er monument to the legendary early democrats.
The conference in Minnesota will be held from March 30 to April 2, 2017 and will feature a new film documentary telling the love story of Bleik and Thilde Peters, who left Schleswig-Holstein and bravely began a new life in Davenport, Iowa. Other presentations will throw light on the fateful adventures of these courageous immigrants. The conference organizers are hoping to stimulate a great deal of interest among supporters and visitors.
Two recent articles in leading German news sources–the April 4 issue of Der Spiegel and the March 17 issue of Die Zeit–deal with revolution and emigration in mid-19th-century Germany. The authors promote a special remembrance of the “key day,” March 18, 1848, when the King of Prussia began trying, at first without success, to suppress the liberal citizens’ uprising, and they encourage the establishment of a memorial for the brave revolutionaries, whose movement collapsed completely the following year. Disappointed and embittered, many of them left their homeland, which was ruled by tyrannical nobles, to seek a future in the rising USA.
Call For Papers
Please submit papers and proposals to:
Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann, Cincinnati:
or to:
Dr. Joachim (Yogi) Reppmann, Northfield, MN / Flensburg:
103 Orchard St N,  Northfield, MN 55057   |    H: (507) 664-1064

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