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Dr. Fairytale and the Galli German Theater and School

| June 24, 2016 | 0 Comments

Language, imagination and theater unite to create an entertaining and unique learning environment in New York City.

By Marlene Fanta Shyer • Photographs courtesy Bo Zaunders

It’s no surprise that the coolest borough of the hottest city in the United States supports a thriving children’s German-language school. In Brooklyn, New York, known for its abundance of strollers, a distinguished art museum, and high real estate prices, there is also a significant Teutonic population that breathes life into the Galli. Its headquarters in this diverse area is a large rented space on the fifth floor of a synagogue, the Brooklyn Union Temple on Eastern Parkway. The school is where the children practice their new language and rehearse for play performances for an audience of family and friends.

Established in 2014, the Galli’s multilingual staff  is headed by twenty-nine year old Simon Fuetterer, known also by his stage names,  “Simon Geronimo” or “Dr. Fairytale”.  He is the actor/teacher and artistic-director chief-of-staff, along with his executive director, his American wife. Born in Freiburg in the Black Forest, Fuetterer was living in Wiesbaden when he and Tricia Patrick met. They are now Manhattan residents and the parents of an eight-year old multilingual daughter, Jasmine.

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