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The Unusual Museums of Vienna

| May 17, 2016 | 0 Comments
Vienna has more than 100 museums, including a number of unusual small collections: among the highlights are the world’s only globe museum, a museum dedicated to a single film, one focused on art forgeries, another devoted to the fire service and one with a focus on a famous Viennese psychiatrist (other than Sigmund Freud).
The Globe Museum at the Austrian National Library is the only one of its kind in the world. Located in the stunning Palais Mollard just around the corner from Hofburg palace, it is home to a collection of 240 earthly and celestial globes, models of the moon and various planets, as well as various instruments that contain globes. Putting the cartographical detail to one side for a moment, the appeal of these exhibits stems from the incredible artistic quality and superior craftsmanship on display. Highlights include the oldest globe in Austria, which dates back to 1536, and a globe of Earth that measures some 118 centimeters across.
image_gallery2The Third Man Museum near Naschmarkt – a magnet for fans of the film – also provides fascinating insights into post-war Viennese history. In addition to featuring a comprehensive collection of original props that featured in Carol Reed’s 1948 classic, the exhibition takes an in-depth look at its historic background and the Austrian capital’s occupation by Allied forces between 1945 and 1955. 13 rooms containing 2,500 exhibits such as cinema programs, sound recordings and video footage as well as the original zither played by Anton Karas await curious visitors.
image_gallery3Another of the capital’s private museums takes an occasionally sideways look at the world of art forgery. Located opposite the Hundertwasserhaus in the third district, the Museum of Art Fakes tells the tale of spectacular criminal endeavors by notorious counterfeiters, and uses various entertaining devices to show visitors how to spot the difference between originals, copies and fakes.
image_gallery4The Am Hof square in Vienna’s historic first district is home to the Fire Service Museum, which is located in the central fire service building. A large room with stucco ceilings on the first floor of the 18th-century Märkleinsches Haus contains historic exhibits including uniforms, equipment, photos and documents which shed light on more than three centuries of service by the Viennese fire department.
image_gallery5Sigmund Freud is not the only psychiatrist with his own museum in Vienna: this particular honor has also been bestowed upon Viktor E. Frankl, who is recognized around the world as the founder of logotherapy and existential analysis. The Viennese psychiatrist, neurologist and holocaust survivor lived in the building that houses the museum from the end of the Second World War until his death in 1997. Opened in 2015, the Viktor E. Frankl Museum lifts the lid on the great thinker’s life, work and influence.
Globe Museum, Palais Mollard, Herrengasse 9, 1010 Vienna,
Third Man Museum, Pressgasse 25, 1040 Vienna,
Museum of Art Fakes, Löwengasse 28, 1030 Vienna,
Fire Service Museum, Am Hof 7, 1010 Vienna, tel. +43 1 531 99, opening times: Sun and holidays 9am-midday, (German only)
Viktor Frankl Museum Vienna, Mariannengasse 1/15, 1090 Vienna,
Courtesy Vienna Tourist Board.

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