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SouthWest Germany’s Baiersbronn Takes Center of Gourmet Stage

| May 12, 2016 | 0 Comments
Courtesy Baiersbronn Touristik

Courtesy Baiersbronn Touristik

Tiny Black Forest town with eight Michelin stars shares the limelight with beautiful National Park vistas.
Baiersbronn is a tiny town of only 15,000 people and yet it holds the highest concentration of Michelin stars in the world.  Located in the heart of the Black Forest National Reserve, the town seamlessly combines delicious, gourmet food and nature. Three world-class restaurants share eight Michelin stars between them: Jörg Sackmann at the two-starred Schlossberg Restaurant, Harald Wohlfahrt at the three-starred Schwarzwaldstube Restaurant and Claus-Peter Lumpp at the three-starred Bareiss Restaurant.  In this small town, you can have the best of both worlds: enjoy world-class food surrounded by breathtaking landscapes

Courtesy Baiersbronn Touristik.

On January 1, 2014, SouthWest Germany created the Black Forest National Park, where a large portion of the Black Forest was set aside and remains completely untouched.  The Black Forest has always been a wild area that has intrigued visitors with a sense of mystery and story telling. The forest is full of life, especially now in spring as everything comes to a bloom.

Courtesy Baiersbronn Touristik

Courtesy Baiersbronn Touristik

Under the motto “Let Nature Be,” the park is allowed to grow wild without any human interruption but with human protection.  Trees can grow as old as possible and only die of natural causes; animals run freely while humans get to observe the natural beauty of trees, rolling hills, bubbling brooks and overgrown landscapes. The densely forested area with intermittent open expanses and charming towns takes visitors away from the hectic, modern lifestyle many of us have become accustomed to. While visiting Baiersbronn, it is nearly impossible to stay away from a good hike through the forest.
ID_3794__MG_0576An extensive collection of trails allows every traveler to explore at their own speed-either by bike or by foot, a leisurely walk or a more adventurous climb. When visiting Baiersbronn, guests can spend their days hiking and their evenings enjoying gourmet food. This year, Baiersbronn offers special travel packages such as the Gourmet Package that includes two nights in a three star hotel, a bottle of SouthWest German wine, and a four-six course meal prepared by Michelin starred chef Jörg Sackmann. If you would rather eat your meals outside in the fresh air after an adventurous hike, Baiersbronn also has a special package for you. Enjoy a guided tour, a packed backpack with a delicious lunch, two nights in a three-star hotel and an extra bottle of wild berry liqueur to warm the soul – all for 199Euros per person.

Courtesy State Tourist Board Baden-Württemberg

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