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Make Your Luggage Happy…

| April 8, 2016 | 0 Comments

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This past weekend I was cleaning out my closet (long overdue) and, there it was…my suitcase. The airline baggage tags from my last vacation trip were still attached and the bag looked…lonely. Imagine…sitting there, day after day, month after month, getting maybe thirty seconds of daylight each morning when I grab a shirt and pair of pants. What kind of life is that? My luggage has a unique and important purpose in my life—to safely house my “home away from home” for one glorious week each year when I stretch my travel wings and head off for vacation. I started to think of the fun times we’ve had together and how that bag has joined me for wonderful weeks all around Germany, to the sunny beaches on Florida’s Gulf Coast, and warm, relaxing getaways to the beaches of Mexico. Then I had to ask myself…what kind of a person am I to neglect something that has been so good to me for so long? So, a week in Florida this June with friends it shall be! I know my bag isn’t the only neglected luggage in the world and so for all those lonely, forgotten pieces of luggage out there, we dedicate this Travel Issue of German Life to you! I hope this issue gives your owners vacation fever and your poor wobbly wheels will see the warmth of the sun one day soon!

Yes, after a long, weird winter it’s time to get out there, blow the dust and mold off, and enjoy the upcoming vacation season! I hope a few of the features in this issue serves as inspiration for your next journey. This issue, Don Heimburger brings us tales from Switzerland. First we get a crash course in traversing this small country with ease using the Swiss Travel System (page 32) Then Don gets more specific and takes us for a visit to the beautiful setting of Lake Geneva and Chillon Castle (page 48). Next up, Wibke Carter ventures off the coast of Germany into the Waddensee to visit the remote gem of Hallig Hooge (page 28). For a more traditional taste of Germany and folklore, Sharon Hudgins introduces us to the stomping grounds of that colorful man of mystery, The Pied Piper of Hameln (page 44). Wrapping up our travel experiences, Alevtina Altenhof takes us to Duisburg (page 36) where the industrial remnants of the Ruhr region have been reimagined and repurposed into an appealing destination for tourism.

So if you’re feeling a little housebound and have the itch to travel, I hope this issue feeds the fire for adventure. Let’s make some hotel reservations!

Mark Slider



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