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Editorial: Social Media—A World of Its Own

| October 6, 2015 | 0 Comments


ON2015 cover-page-0The world of communication has changed drastically over the past two decades. The Internet brought about the near obsolescence of telephone books, CDs and DVDs replaced VHS tapes and now, they been eclipsed by digital streaming options for music and video. Television has gone from an antenna bringing in 4 local network stations to cable offering over fifty channels and now satellite and fiber optic cable giving us hundreds of channels of programming options as well as on-demand movies. Television has undergone significant change in programming as well with the, once king, networks now battling programming offered by premium cable channels (HBO, AMC, Showtime), streaming services (Netflix), and even Internet retailers (Amazon). As for our domain, publishing, the wave of change began to form as the popularity of iPads and other tablet devices exploded. As a younger generation of content users matures, readers will be accustomed to getting their magazine, book, and newspaper content on a handheld device and, inevitably, traditional hard paper copies will slip away. Thankfully, we saw the wave coming and now you can also have a digital version of German Life and we are also making more and more of our back issue archive available in digital form. The good news—issues that were once long out of print and now available again!

With the social media environment, we are, once again, challenged with making our presence known, staking our claim, and capturing our piece of the social media pie. In a little over one year, we have nearly doubled our “Likes” on Facebook. The challenge came with unforeseen benefits—informative and useful material that we once could not use due to space and time limitations now form the backbone of the content we regularly share on Facebook. If you have not yet done so, please visit our home on Facebook at and “Like” us. You’ll then be able to take advantage of the total German Life experience with news items, travel offers, and travel tidbits from our tourism friends across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and German-America.

This issue, resident genealogy specialist James Beidler takes us to Salt Lake City and introduces us to the Family History Library and other German aspects of Utah’s capital city (page 14). Crispin Andrews looks at the mysterious death of one of Bavaria’s favorite sons, King Ludwig II (page 18). Was it murder in Lake Starnberg? From his nursing home in southern Bavaria, Jackie Guigui-Stolberg brings us the memories of a German WWII veteran who spent his youth under the Nazi regime (page 30). Time takes the lead with Robert Selig looking at the history of how we keep time (page 48) while Zac Steger visits the Black Forest following the German Clock Route (page 36).

So relax and enjoy the latest issue of German Life (while you’re contemplating how fast the holidays are approaching!).

PS: Be sure to check out our latest Collectible Cottage, Our Town Clock Tower (page 35), our new lighted cottage bases (page 39), and our 2016 German Life Wall Calendar (page 51)! Last year’s introductory piece, German Life’s Workshop, SOLD OUT! Don’t be left out, order yours today!

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