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August/September 2015 Issue – The Pursuit of Knowledge

| August 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

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Why? It’s probably the one word parents learn to hate the most when raising a child. It’s a simple, inquisitive step into the world of learning. Hopefully, each “Why?” is met with an answer that can be stowed away in that wonderful little sponge of a brain where it will join with other knowledge and observations and enable a growing mind to form an understanding of the world. For those who are lucky, that curious nature never leaves and the constant desire to learn more and more continues across a lifetime. A thirst for knowledge drives us to dig deeper, each new fact and concept only serving to fuel the fire to learn even more. True, we’ll only ever capture a small percentage of the cumulative knowledge around us but who wants to miss out on the fun found in expanding your horizons?

This issue of German Life is our annual focus on education. Although each issue of German Life hopefully serves to educate and inspire further investigation, this particular issue looks more closely at topics and issues tied to education in the German-speaking world. Our features this issue first take us to Australia where Henry Mendelson reviews the work done by the Goethe Institut in Australia to spread the varied culture of Germany across Oz (page 12) while our resident education specialist, Anna Cramer, looks at the many efforts made to introduce German schools abroad (page 44).

From there, we move along to a few different aspects of learning with Jared Krebsbach’s look at Karl Richard Lepsius whose fascination with archaeology lured him to Egypt. His research catapulted Germany to the forefront of Egyptology (page 26). Then, Alevtina Altenhof gets to the root of the matter in her investigation of the first Germanic tribes—the Teutons (page 51). Closer to home and on a festive note, Don Heimburger takes us to Chicago for a true celebration of being German-American—Chicago’s von Steuben Parade (page 14) while Sharon Hudgins visits my personal favorite locale in Germany, the half-timbered gem of Hann. Münden (page 40).

There is even more waiting for you inside so, find a cool, comfortable spot, grab a cold drink, and spend a relaxed summer afternoon with German Life! Enjoy!

Mark Slider, Editor


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