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Hit the Road in Style – In Luxembourg

| July 28, 2015 | 0 Comments
Touring the countryside in Luxembourg. Photo: Albert Wetz.

Touring the countryside in Luxembourg. Photo: Albert Wetz.

The “Luxembourg Grand Tour” is a recurring international car rally and its popularity is undeniable. Classic as well as very unique cars set out on Luxembourg’s most beautiful and scenic routes, ranging from the vineyards of the Moselle to the mysterious castles of the Ardennes. The vehicles from pre-war times on their turn follow a specific route.

You can do your very own “Luxembourg Grand Tour“: follow this route and make it your own, very personal, expedition. Simply follow the narrow strips of tarmac, stretching out in front of you.
The landscape and beautiful scenery themselves are often reason enough to stop for as often and for as long as you like to take in the views.

Follow the “Luxembourg Grand Tour“ route in your own vehicle or feel inspired and discover new sections: the drive itself is already part of the journey. The calm and peaceful roads will reveal a plethora of different landscapes: the vineyards on the Mosel and the impressive castles and fortresses in the “Valley of the 7 castles”. Follow remote and peaceful routes to discover Luxembourg in a unique way. Take advantage of breaks to explore the three cities protected by UNESCO: Clervaux, Echternach and Luxembourg. Your tour is a great occasion to get a wonderful overview of the Grand Duchy’s natural charms and culture. Where else would you find such unexpected diversity on such a small scale?

To prepare your “Grand Tour” and make the most of it, you can find all the descriptions, images and suggestions for excursions on the website of the national tourism board:

You can choose between rustic guesthouses, romantic hotels or business hotels in the urban area. An array of options is available and they are all ready to accommodate you during your discovery of Luxembourg. After a strenuous day, enjoy a relaxing stay and soak in the Luxembourg hospitality.

Luxembourg Classic Days. Photo: Albert Wetz.

Luxembourg Classic Days. Photo: Albert Wetz.

The “Luxembourg Classic Days” (August 29-30, 2015) invite every admirer of classic cars and also motorbike associations to the stunning parks of the thermal baths in Mondorf-les-Bains. Set in surroundings full with charms marked by the turn of the century, it is the ideal setting to display such unique old-timers.
Visitors can meet like-minded friends interested in classic cars, exchange their fascination and admire very atypical exhibits, which are usually only on display in big museums. Adherence to the rules of FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) cements the high quality of the event. Historic décor, reminiscent of an era long gone, and a musical program will resonate with the extraordinary exhibits. The Casino 2000 and the Thermal Baths, both partners of the event, will provide more entertainment. The “Concours d’Élégance” sees an international jury select the most beautiful classic cars. Luxembourg’s EU presidency will certainly put the “Luxembourg Classic Days” into even bigger limelight.

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