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Enjoy Bern, Switzerland’s Aare River this Summer!

| July 7, 2015 | 0 Comments

When the sun comes out, hundreds of Bern locals head to the Aare river for a swim or river rafting while the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site old town looks down on them from high above. The cool, deep-blue, clean water of the Aare river, which winds its way into the city from the Bernese Alps, offers optimum refreshment on hot summer days. In the summer, allowing yourself to float downriver in the cool water is one of the most unforgettable highlights of a stay in the Swiss capital.

Swimming in the Aare
750x318_aare-river-swimBern and swimming in the Aare river offer two unique experiences. Only by swimming in the Aare can you truly get to know Bern. Allowing yourself to float downriver in the cool water is one of the most unforgettable highlights of a stay in the Swiss capital.

Boats, kayaks, tubes and more
resized_750x375_750x375_schlauchboot-fahrenThere are numerous methods and options for travelling along the Aare. Hire your own river raft, tube, or stand-up paddle board.

Pools on the Aare
resized_636x318_636x318_resized_750x375_750x375_marziliEmbedded in the Aare bank at the foot of the Parliament building, the Marzili pool is the most frequently visited pool of the city and the social hot spot. The river beach near the camping site Eichholz is a popular location for local sun worshipers and often used as a starting point for a swim in the Aare back into the City of Bern.The Lorraine pool is the smallest of the four municipal open-air pools. The beautifully situated river pool has a charming and familial character.

Restaurants right on the Aare

resized_750x375_750x375_casa-novo_3Altes Tramdepot
The restaurant with its integrated brewery is located right next to the new BearPark and offers a fantastic view of Bern’s Old Town and the Aare river.

Casa Novo – Restaurante & Vinoteca
Outstanding cuisine, the finest tapas, and a wonderful wine boutique with over 120 different wines – all right on the Aare in Bern.

Located in the former fishermen’s district right on the Aare, Cinématte offers top-quality films, first-class food, and exciting drinks.

The Schwellenmätteli – composed of the Terrasse, Casa and Event Lounge – lies right along the banks of the Aare and seems like its own island.

Tierpakr Dählhölzli
Hearty dishes made from regional ingredients straight from the market, interpreted in a surprisingly different, contemporary style – these are the hallmarks of Dählhölzli.

More restaurants right on the Aare
Restaurant Dampfzentrale: Marzilistrasse 47, 3005 Bern
Restaurant Zehendermätteli: Reichenbachstrasse 161, 3004
Restaurant Fähribeizli: Bodenackerweg 6, 3074 Bern
Bistro Grottino Dalmaziquai: 111, 3005 Bern
Restaurant Eichholz : Strandweg 45, 3084 Wabern
Restaurant Altenberg: Uferweg 4, 3013 Bern
Restaurant Marzili-Bad: Marzilistrasse 29, 3005 Bern

Courtesy Bern Tourism.

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